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Research of Interest and Concern to Women:

Developing Women Emerging Leaders
Because of a low representation of women in senior management and executive positions there are a number of potential consequences. Besides impacting organizational decision-making because of the lack of diverse thoughts and ideas, another consequence of having a scarcity of women in senior and executive positions is a dearth of highly successful female role models to inspire other young women in making similar career decisions. Younger women or those aspiring to similar top-level, top-paying positions do not have a wealth of opportunities to observe other women who have similar backgrounds become successful.

Unwritten Rules: Why Doing a Good Job Might Not Be Enough
Unwritten rules may create barriers for some employees whose ability to figure out implicit expectations is compromised in some way. For instance, when rules are communicated through informal networks, individuals without access to these networks may miss out on developmental opportunities. At the same time, organizations might overlook some of their best talent by inadvertently providing opportunities only to those who belong to the most influential networks.

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