What We Do

The NWC promotes:

Workplace equality – Far too often women underpaid and overworked at a much higher rate than their male counterparts. NWC seeks to close this gap and bring an end to this unfair practice.

Political equality – One proven way to effectively bring about change is through the political process. Women are underrepresented at the local, state and national level. NWC seeks to improve the power and presence of women in government.

International Women’s Rights – Women are suffering globally. The NWC aims to elevate the status of women by promoting women’s rights and equality internationally.

Women’s Health - The health of women is imperative. The NWC advocates women’s health and will provide important, up-to-date information on women’s health issues and topics.

Economic Empowerment - The NWC aims to increase the political, social, and economic strength of women internationally through the power of a CollectiveVoice™.