The National Women’s Council offers a range of services beyond training to assist you and your organization in your journey to foster greater gender equity and inclusion. Some of these services are listed below. Please contact us for more information.


The National Women’s Council provides executive and leadership coaching on gender equity and inclusivity. Our coaches are experts in gender, sexuality, race and racism, intersectionality, language, and culture. They will guide you through gaining awareness, communication techniques to be able to speak about race, gender, sexuality, equity, and inclusion, and other sensitive issues, and to be able to intervene in organizational policies, procedures, and structures. Our coaches also develop personal growth plans, assist with communication engagements, and are available to troubleshoot DEI or culture-related challenges as they arise.


The National Women’s Council partners with experts in culture, gender, sexuality, race, racism, and organizational effectiveness to produce custom research and reports for organizations seeking actionable DEI insight. Contact us for more information.

Cultural Assessments

The National Women’s Council partners with diversity, equity, and inclusion consultants to assess your organizational culture and provide you with custom strategies designed to deliver sustainable culture change. Our expert consultants draw insight into your organization using a combination of interviews, focus groups, observations, and policies, benefits, and procedure review. They assess your organizational culture in relation to your organizational goals and outcomes, as well as diversity, equity, and inclusion best practices.


The National Women’s Council has an expert network of consultants to assist your organization through unique challenges and opportunities. Contact us for more information.