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Dennis Kennedy

Dennis KennedyI am pleased to share with you the 2013 Women's History Newsletter from the National Diversity Council. In partnership with the National Women's Council, the National Diversity Council is committed to making a significant impact on the social advancement of women by promoting economic empowerment, international women's rights, political equality, workplace equality, and women's health.

Women's Leadership: Building it "Inside Out

Why aren't there more women at the top of companies or governments? Is there continued societal pressure for women to focus on their families above all else? Is there still a "glass ceiling" that prohibits women from achieving more? These are all questions that have been debated for years and we that can continue to discuss. Conversations like that are always worth having. But what is even more worthwhile is taking a new look at this old issue from a new perspective: What leadership competency is most needed for women today? And where does it lie? We think it lies "within." ...

Modern Myths: Friend or Foe?

MYTH [mith] noun "…an unproved or false collective belief that is used to justify a social institution." Being a knowledge worker in this interrupt driven world of ours takes the stamina of an Olympic athlete, the patience of a saint, and more juggling ability than the best clown in the circus. Leadership, or the power to influence others, is easily forgotten or over-looked given looming deadlines, geographically dispersed teams, and unrealistic expectations.

Women in



March 6, 2013 Hartford & San Diego

March 7, 2013 Gulf Coast, Los Angeles & New York

March 8, 2013 San Antonio & Morristown

March 14, 2013 San Francisco

March 15, 2013 Silicon Valley

March 18, 2013 New Orleans

March 20, 2013 Charlotte

March 22, 2013 Madison

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