Dear Friends & Colleagues,

Dennis Kennedy

I am pleased to share with you the 2013 Women's History Newsletter from the National Diversity Council. In partnership with the National Women's Council, the National Diversity Council is committed to making a significant impact on the social advancement of women by promoting economic empowerment, international women's rights, political equality, workplace equality, and women's health. Organizations have been leading diversity education and training for over half a century. Today, companies are beginning to shape the business case for diversity, as many organizations understand the dynamics of how having a diverse workforce can raise productivity and create revenue. Although businesses are beginning to make strides towards diversity, we are just beginning to begin to close gaps in disparity. It is a great honor to share this communiqué for Women's History Month. Women leaders work diligently; while simultaneously laying the foundation for future leaders of this important work. We have remarkable achievements ahead of us. As you journey through this newsletter, I encourage you to reflect on the accomplishments of women in America and women entrepreneurs. This is a ripe time for change to be experienced and celebrated.

With sincere hope and expectation, Dennis Kennedy Founder and CEO, National Diversity Council