Greetings from the Founder

Dennis Kennedy

Dennis KennedyThe greatest opportunity one can receive is being given the honor of service to your community. I am proud to be in the role of Chief Executive Officer of the National Women’s Council (NWC), a non-profit organization, dedicated to developing and empowering women of all backgrounds, classes, and ages. The NWC was founded with a vision to be the premier organization for women’s equality. It is my goal to promote economic, political, and workplace equality. The NWC serves to advocate, empower and educate with an eye towards future viability. The workplace environment today is constantly changing.

What a Chicken Taught Me About Myself

When was the last time you learned something new about yourself? For me, it's almost every day. A little thing or two, here and there. But a big thing happened recently. You see, I’m no cook. Being single most of my life — and not really having a keen interest to learn how to cook — I primarily make simple meals. This past summer, a friend offered to teach me to cook a whole chicken. I readily took her up on her offer. I like to be shown things, by a live person, when I’m learning something new. Well, we set up a day that got rescheduled – and got rescheduled again….. and again. So, the chicken went into the freezer. Recently, a different friend and I decided to cook a meal together and I offered for us to have that chicken. She offered to help me and I readily said yes.

Leading Past the Rejection

No, thank you. You're not a fit for our current needs. Thank you for applying, but we have no position available. I received probably a hundred or so of these responses in the fall of my second year of law school. I selected a few markets for my employment search and those markets weren’t particularly interested in having me. After traveling to the Dallas/Fort Worth area, I earned a clerkship at a firm I didn’t know in a city I had never lived. It was one of the first times professional failure set me up for extraordinary opportunity. In the four and a half years at that law firm, I tried numerous small cases my first year of practice, found a new specialty practice area in my second year, and was elected to lead the young lawyers association in my third year. I met with another “failure” on a professional and personal level, but it opened a door to a tremendous career opportunity in Houston, Texas where I met the love of my life with whom I now have four year old triplets. These days, because I’ve written a book, I find myself speaking about leadership and often have women come up to me and say, “You’re amazing, I don’t know how you do it all.” That’s because they’ve only heard my one minute autobiography.


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