Dennis Kennedy

The greatest opportunity one can receive is being given the honor of service to your community. I am proud to be in the role of Chief Executive Officer of the National Women’s Council (NWC), a non-profit organization, dedicated to developing and empowering women of all backgrounds, classes, and ages. The NWC was founded with a vision to be the premier organization for women’s equality. It is my goal to promote economic, political, and workplace equality. The NWC serves to advocate, empower and educate with an eye towards future viability. The workplace environment today is constantly changing. I am committed to working with the NWC to manage that change and advocate for the empowerment of women through a collective voice, a voice that represents women standing united to tackle women’s issues. My vision is simple: To promote change the National Women’s Council is the vehicle to bring the change to fruition.

I believe the future for the NWC is a vision of growth and progress. As the National Women’s Council continues to grow, we will add initiatives and programs, which address a broader variety of topics, such as corporate responsibility, women's leadership, and the importance of education among our young women. We will also offer consulting and mentoring services specifically catered to your organization's needs, whether it is the formulation of diversity and inclusion efforts, corporate responsibility programs, or any other initiatives you may require.

I hope you will have the opportunity to participate in some of our upcoming 2015 events and learn more about our organization, as we continue to champion, educate, and raise awareness about the advancement of women in the workplace

Dennis Kennedy, CEO