Greetings from the Founder Dennis Kennedy

Dennis KennedyThe greatest opportunity one can receive is being given the honor of service to your community. I am proud to be in the role of Chief Executive Officer of the National Women’s Council (NWC), a non-profit organization, dedicated to developing and empowering women of all backgrounds, classes, and ages. The NWC was founded with a vision to be the premier organization for women’s equality. It is my goal to promote economic, political, and workplace equality. The NWC serves to advocate, empower and educate with an eye towards future viability. The workplace environment today is constantly changing...

Living on Purpose with Passion

In my last post, I discussed the five keys to living on purpose: Passion, Vision, Mission, Direction, and Execution. I also explained that living on purpose is like climbing a ladder, you have to first take a few steps before achieving your desired goal. Passion, is the first rung on that ladder and can be defined as an intense emotion - either positive or negative...

SMART POWER- Inspiring Women to be LIFTed Higher

Forty percent of today's businesses will not exist in a meaningful way in 10 years." John Chambers, Cisco's recently retired CEO, announced this at a recent conference here in San Diego. He may be right. More large businesses are failing to thrive. Their leaders stifle positive innovation and drive value-destroying negative innovation because of their hard power mindsets...

When Your Career Path takes a Detour!

I knew it as soon as my boss walked into my office at a major Oil & Gas company. The look on his face told me that after 16 years, I was one of the 400 employees being laid off. Many are experiencing similar unexpected detours in their career, while others are contemplating taking a new path. Regardless of where you are in your journey, or how you landed there, my tips can help you find your way. .



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